How to Become a Successful Jewelry Designer & Create a Thriving Business: Interview with Artemis Apollo Jewelry

Jewelry Designer Hails from Long Beach, Southern California

For the past few years, “minimalist” and “modern” jewelry has been hitting the scene. From sculptural dangle earrings to minimal layered chains, Artemis Apollo Jewelry has it all.

Founders Nicole Truong & Michael Anthony Huynh sought to create beautiful yet accessible pieces. While jewelry carries intrinsic emotional value, both Nicole and Michael believe that it’s imperative to develop a personal relationship with the people who are wearing their pieces. Ultimately, jewelry is where personal stories and traditional artisanship entwine.

Founders Nicole & Michael sum it up:

“Artemis Apollo is a unisex jewelry shop that honors classic silhouettes and celebrates the quality of the unfamiliar. We seek to translate the things we love into something tangible: people, places, and discoveries. Artemis Apollo lives for culture, embraces inclusivity, and curates to inspire.”

We are ecstatic to present you with today’s feature. Scroll down to learn more about their inspiring backstory and shop their pieces too!


How did you know that you wanted to start your own business?

Michael: I’m extremely passionate about fashion and art and always knew that I was going to pursue a career that aligned with my passions. I have always carried myself through my art and my creativity, which is a form of self-expression.

Nicole: I wasn’t happy working my corporate nine-to-five job. I worked in those rigid cubicles and had to deal with workplace politics. I decided to take the leap of faith and start the business with Michael and I never turned back. Now, I am my own boss and am fortunate to exercise my creativity in an industry that I am passionate about.


Why did you want to design jewelry?

We wanted to create a unique genderless shopping experience within the industry, essentially deviate from the separate “his” and “her experience across all brand levels. When rules are broken collectively, communities transform into families. Ultimately, creativity has no creed, nationality, or gender. 

Earrings aren’t only for women. Anyone can wear them! Our style and expression make up who we are as individuals.


 What was it like to begin your business?

We underwent a huge learning curve initially, but all the drawbacks we’ve experienced along the way have molded our business into what it is today. Starting a business is not easy, but it’s worthwhile when you get to see your vision evolve into your reality.


How did you grow your business?

Our supporters have always fueled our creative process. Our supporters are what makes us great and without them, there would be no Artemis Apollo. We recognize each and every one of our customers and their feedback carries so much value to us. It feels amazing to know that our supporters feel good in their own skin when wearing our jewelry.

We’ve also collaborated with creatives in the fashion industry who fully support the brand. These amazing influencers include: 

Jessy Luxe in Artemis Apollo Jewelry.

Jessica Vu (@JessyLuxe) in the gold Cedric Earrings.

Emmanuel Fourès (@MrFoures) in the 24 karat gold Reine Hoop Earrings.

Jeanne Grey (@TheGreyLayers) in the Estelle Hoop Earrings with pearl accents.

Ivan Lam (@IvanBaaaaah) in the 18 karat gold Icarus Necklace.

Celine Bernaerts (@Celine_Bernaerts) in the 24 karat gold Marina Earrings embedded with freshwater pearl accents.

Ellen V Lora (@EllenVLora) in the sterling silver Artemis Necklace.

Francis Lola (@Flamcis) in the gold Lani Earrings.

The list goes on!


What are your favorite pieces from the current collection and how would you style them?

Our favorite piece from our third collection is the Demitri Earrings. These earrings are fun, fresh, and versatile. These earrings are a four-piece set with detachable links, so there are numerous ways to wear them! You can wear one link alone or both chain links!

How big is your team?

We currently have 8 members on our team and still expanding. Our family is growing!


What’s been the most exciting point in your career up to date?

The most exciting point in our career up to date is being able to see how our supporters style our pieces. Fashion is fun and fashion is about expressing yourself. We love to see styling through the lens of others. The positive feedback that we have been receiving from our followers is tremendous and it’s fulfilling to know that people love our pieces.  


What’s next for Artemis Apollo Jewelry?

Our third collection is dropping within the next couple of months and we extremely excited about this launch. We feel that our third collection captures the very essence of non-binary beauty and continues to support our agenda for creating a genderless shopping experience. Stay tuned!