Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Artemis Apollo website, (the “Site”), owned and operated by Artemis Apollo LLC.  Artemis Apollo respects and is committed to protecting your privacy. We have implemented this Privacy Policy to ensure that your rights are protected. You have the right to know how your personal information will be processed and utilized. We promise that we will take the necessary steps to use your information only in ways that are compatible with this Privacy Policy. These policies are only in effect for the web pages and newsletters owned and operated by Artemis Apollo. These policies also intend to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in effect, including without limit laws and regulations from United States. The following discloses our Privacy Policy.

Regarding terms of use, Artemis Apollo provides all consumers with access and use of the Site; subject to compliance with the terms. Content from the Site cannot be copied, replicated, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way, unless permitted by the owners of Artemis Apollo. This includes all text, images, graphics, designs produced by Artemis Apollo. Artemis Apollo is protected by a trademark and/or copyright under United States and foreign laws. All individuals are not permitted to download, upload, copy, print, display, perform, reproduce, publish, modify, delete, license, post, transmit any of the Site Content for public or commercial use without any written permission from Artemis Apollo.



Q:  What type of information is being collected, and by which means is Artemis Apollo collecting it?

A: We will only collect certain personal information in connection with a request for a product, service, or information on the website (the “Website”). You may be asked to provide certain personal information the Website when subscribing to receive electronic communications from Artemis Apollo, processing a sale, or when provided with Artemis Apollo related services. Examples of information that would be exchanged may include your name, address, gender, date of birth, language preference, e-mail address, credit card information, telephone number, personal opinions, social media usernames, or alternative social media identification.


Q: How will your information be used by Artemis Apollo?

A: Artemis Apollo may use the information you provide to (1) fulfill your request for a product, (2) respond to an e-mail concerning comments, and questions, (3) provide you with our newsletters or surveys, (4) communicate product information, usage tips, promotions, Artemis Apollo related events, and news (5) request for feedback to help improve our Website(s) or services, (6) monitor Website and social media traffic for market research purposes, (7) comply with legal and regulatory requirements, (8) process sales or transactions, and (8) to verify credit card, PayPal, or e-mail money transfers for processing.  We will never disclose your credit card or other account information with unaffiliated third parties unless you authorize us to do so, or if it is necessary to fulfill our responsibilities include, but not limited to, delivering a product or service that you may order.


Q:  How does Artemis Apollo protect your information?

A:  Your credit card information is protected. Artemis Apollo values your rights to privacy. Our internet connections are encrypted, and thus protect all credit card ordering information, including your name, address and credit card number, so it cannot be read in transit. We also utilize secure technology, privacy protection controls, and restrictions on employee access, to safeguard your personal information as required by law.

We can assure you that every online transaction that you make on the Website will be 100% safe. You will not be held accountability for unauthorized charges that are made to you card as a result of shopping on our Website. It is determined under the Fair Credit Billing Act; your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50 of fraudulent charges. If there is an unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.


Q:  When is my personal information disclosed to third parties?

A:  At Artemis Apollo, we value your privacy, and know that you have every right to know how your information is being used. We appreciate your trust that we will care for your information sensibly. We will never disclose your credit card or other account information with unaffiliated third parties without your prior consent, or if it is necessary to fulfill our responsibilities include, but not limited to, delivering a product or service that you may order. If your personal information is sent to a third party, Artemis Apollo will take appropriate steps to ensure that such recipients safeguard your personal information and use the information only for authorized purposes.


Q: How do I revoke my consent?

A: You may refuse to provide personal information to Artemis Apollo or withdraw your consent at any time after you have provided personal information by contacting us via e-mail:  However, refusing or withdrawing your consent may prevent Artemis Apollo from completing your transaction, enabling certain features of our Website, or providing you with information about new products, promotions and other Artemis Apollo-related news.


Q: How do I unsubscribe to e-mail newsletters from Artemis Apollo?

A: Artemis Apollo is committed to ensuring compliance with privacy and anti-spam legislations it operates in and will only send you newsletters with your continuing consent. You may unsubscribe at any time by providing a written statement to expressing your desire to unsubscribe to our newsletters. From there on, you will be unsubscribed from all future newsletter immediately.


    Q: Who do I contact if I need to express a question, concern or complain in relation to the Privacy Policy?

    A: Please contact Nicole Truong via phone or e-mail from Artemis Apollo LLC. Her contact information is as follows:

    Nicole Truong
    15 Macarthur Pl Unit 2205
    Santa Ana, CA 92707
    Phone: 1-714-623-5010 (US/International)